Different Ways of Cleaning Your Invisalign Aligner in Sugar Land, TX

Patients should not worry about the results of Invisalign. Clear aligners are as effective as braces, but they are much advantageous compared to the traditional option. What must become a cause of concern to wearers are the maintenance of the orthodontic device. Invisalign clear aligners can get stained and compromised if proper cleaning is not observed. So for our patients at Avalon…

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Straight Teeth in Six Months? Yes, Please! - Sugar Land, TX

An average American spends at least six months of their entire life waiting for a traffic light to go green. A man can also consume a total of six months of his life looking at the mirror. Do you know what else can be done in six months? Straighten your teeth!

Most people thought that teeth straightening on average take years to complete, not anymore.…

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