Tooth decay does not only damage the tooth and cause pain, but it can also affect the appearance of your pearly whites. The change in the look of the tooth can have a significant impact on the person’s self-confidence. Fortunately, there is a variety of treatment options to choose from to solve this problem. One of the choices available is getting composite fillings to have your picture-perfect smile back.

A composite filling is a mixture of tooth-colored plastic and glass to restore decayed teeth. Aside from this, the said treatment is also an effective solution to improve the appearance of the teeth by correcting its overall structure.

How are Composite Fillings Placed?

  • The tooth is isolated from saliva to keep it dry.

  • The infected portions of the tooth are removed using a drill or air abrasion.

  • The composite filling is then placed in layers over the opening.

  • Each layer of composite resin is hardened using a special light.

  • After filling, the composite resin will then be shaped to mimic real tooth.

  • The dentist will also polish the tooth to prevent it from staining or wearing off early.

Although the procedure seems scary and uncomfortable, know that our dentist at Avalon Dental Group will make sure that the process will go as smoothly as possible.

Advantages of Composite Fillings

Requires less drilling

The process of placing composite filling does not require much drilling compared to other types of filling materials. As a result, more of the natural structure of the tooth can be preserved. Unlike in amalgam fillings, a larger part of the natural tooth has to be removed along with the infected portions to make way for the material. Doing so weakens the overall structure of the tooth.

Hardens quickly

By using a specific type of light, the composite material can harden much faster. Typically, the process only takes a few minutes to complete.

Can be used to fix chipped or cracked tooth

The quick bonding, durability, and tooth-colored appearance of the filling is an ideal option to repair chips and cracks in the teeth.

Can be repaired

Dentists can fix composite fillings if they start to wear off due to excessive chewing and teeth grinding. Before doing so, the dentist would first need to clean the area then begin to repair the filling.


Let us help you restore and regain your teeth’s function. Avail of our Composite Fillings in Sugar Land, TX. Book an appointment with us at Avalon Dental Group. Our dental office is located at 2205 Williams Trace Blvd, Suite 108 Sugar Land, TX 77478.

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