Patients should not worry about the results of Invisalign. Clear aligners are as effective as braces, but they are much advantageous compared to the traditional option. What must become a cause of concern to wearers are the maintenance of the orthodontic device. Invisalign clear aligners can get stained and compromised if proper cleaning is not observed. So for our patients at Avalon Dental Group to maintain the aesthetics of their teeth straightening trays, we recommend following these fantastic cleaning tips below.


Invisalign Aligners: Cleaning Tips

There are various ways to clean the Invisalign trays. These include:

The Soap Method

Wearers can utilize soaps to remove unwanted particles from their aligners. But while most patients use hand or dish detergents, we do not suggest opting for these two products. It’s okay to clean the aligner with soap but make sure to consider the gentle alternative. Never apply the cleanser directly on the aligner. Instead, sweep the toothbrush to the soap and brush the tray afterward. Don’t forget to rinse the Invisalign aligner thoroughly with water after.

The Mouthwash Soak

Mouthwashes are not just for the teeth; they can do magic to the clear aligners as well. However, before doing this mentioned tip, remember to use colorless mouth rinse only. Green or yellow mouthwashes can leave pigments on the transparent trays. This is how wearers should clean their aligners in a mouthwash: Soak the orthodontic device in the solution for a few minutes. After a certain amount of time, wash the Invisalign tray with cold water.

The Simple Water Trick

Wearers do not necessarily have to invest in expensive cleansers to maintain the appearance of their aligners—clean water can do the trick. Upon taking the removable trays out from the mouth, wearers should wash them. Once done, they must soak the orthodontic appliance in water. This step will help dislodge food debris on the device.

Invisalign trays, unfortunately, can be a cradle of bacterias; Keeping them clean is a must, therefore.

For our patients at Avalon Dental Group who availed Invisalign in Sugar Land, TX, feel free to talk to us for further instructions. Those who are planning to invest in the said orthodontic treatment are encouraged to set an appointment in our clinic. We are located at 2205 Williams Trace Blvd, Suite 108 Sugar Land, TX 77478.


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