Anything that has a crack can eventually lead to breaking, and this also applies to a cracked tooth. A cracked tooth can be caused by several factors, and it should not be left untreated to prevent it from worsening. Avalon Dental Group offers different types of treatments that can help in the prevention and restoration of a cracked tooth.


Causes of Cracked Teeth

  • Excessive pressure applied during teeth grinding and clenching

  • Large fillings that can weaken the tooth structure

  • Biting and chewing hard foods like ice, nuts, or hard candies

  • A hard blow in the mouth during fist fights, injuries from contact sports or falls and even car accidents

  • Sudden changes in temperature, like when drinking something very hot and trying to cool it down with cold water

  • Age can also contribute to cracked teeth

  • Teeth overcrowding can apply pressure on one tooth


Symptoms of Cracked Teeth

  • Recurring pain during chewing

  • Changing sides for a more comfortable chewing

  • Sudden pain attacks

  • Increased sensitivity

  • Swelling of the gum around the tooth


Treatments for a Cracked Teeth


A dental filling in the process of restoring teeth back to its appearance and function primarily in the back teeth. The dentist would use a filling material that is directly applied to the affected tooth to prevent it from worsening. It uses a substance that resembles the natural color of the tooth making it a good option for fixing the crack without compromising the appearance.


A dental bonding could also restore a crack tooth appearance and function like a filling, but it can be used in the front teeth instead. The bonding material is applied directly by molding and shaping to appear like a natural tooth. The substance used can also resemble the color of a natural tooth making it ideal for front teeth restoration. After molding, the dentist would then use a curing light to harden it and to secure the bond to the cracked teeth. 

Dental Crown

A dental crown is a procedure that may require two dental visits; the affected tooth would be etched to the desired shape for the placement of the artificial crown. An impression of the tooth would be taken and sent to the laboratory. The dental crown provides the aesthetic and full function to a cracked tooth.


The cracked tooth should not be left untreated since it can lead to a more serious dental complication that causes pain, discomfort, and cost. Proper dental hygiene, regular cleaning, and checkup can help in the diagnosis and prevention of cracked tooth and other dental problems.


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