There are a wide variety of options on how to improve teeth and facial appearance. Dental issues are everywhere, and it affects a lot of people causing them to lose confidence when smiling because of stained, discolored, crooked, misshapen and misaligned teeth. Here at Avalon Dental Group, we provide cosmetic dental treatments to restore our patient’s youthful smile and boost their self-esteem.

Cosmetic Dentistry is a noninvasive procedure that helps the patients mask teeth imperfections. Cosmetic dentistry can offer a lot of benefits such as reducing the risk of bruxism, improves one's confidence and makes regular cleaning easier.

cosmetic dentistry procedures

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Crowns

Crowns are essential in protecting the teeth and restoring its appearance. It acts as a cap that covers the teeth from damage and restores its function. Dental Crowns are also used in dental implants; It serves as an anchor installed into the underlying bone.


Dental veneers are positioned on the front surface of the teeth to mask dental issues such as chipped, broken, cracked, discolored and stained teeth. It is bonded directly into the tooth to improve teeth appearance and provide a vibrant, pearly white smile. Veneers are custom-made resins that match the teeth’s color to make it look natural.

Teeth Whitening

It is a procedure done on discolored and stained teeth. Teeth whitening can be done at home, but it is advised to have it done by a professional to ensure that the correct solution is used and prevent enamel damage.

Dental Bridges

Some patients have missing teeth which affect their appearance, confidence when talking and difficulty in speaking and eating. With the help of dental bridges, missing teeth can be replaced to improve the smile and prevent the teeth from moving in a different position.

Cosmetic Fillings

Tooth decay is a common dental issue which causes tooth damage, pain, tooth sensitivity that if left untreated; it can cause tooth loss. Cosmetic fillings are designed to treat and restore the damaged tooth. The Composite Filling also matches the color of the teeth to make it appear natural. It is made of glass and resin that can suppress force when chewing.

With the innovation of technology in dentistry, there are a lot of ways to treat dental issues especially if it affects the way you look and smile. Cosmetic Dentistry is the practice that will help you achieve your desired beautiful smile.

If you want to own a fresh, youthful, healthy smile, then Avalon Dental Group is here for you. Check out our services under Cosmetic Dentistry in Sugar Land and contact us at 281-201-6615. You can also visit us at 2205 Williams Trace Blvd, Suite 108 Sugar Land, TX 77478.



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