Catherine Pearson, writing for The Huffington Post, does a great job of helping to educate the common reader about 10 common dental health problems. We here at Avalon Dental see these problems on a daily basis, and can say Ms. Pearson's recommendations on how to avoid them are correct. She does a great job speaking in everyday terms what maybe causing these ailments and some good preventative measures. It's definitely worth a read, and if you feel if it's too late and you already suffer from some of these conditions, give us a call and we'd be happy to go into more detail and offer some corrective treatments.

10 Common Dental Problems and How to Avoid Them by Catherine Pearson, The Huffington Post

Dental Topics: Prevention Through Education
The field of dentistry has benefitted greatly from the advancements in materials and technologies to help promote good oral health. Yet as a dentist myself, I've seen that my profession has embraced these new technologies at the risk of spending less time promoting "prevention through education." The truth is the healthiest mouths are not the mouths of the wealthiest people, but rather the mouths of educated people. This blog is my effort to educate the public and promote good oral health.