On October 25th, the Avalon Dental Team participated in the Missouri City Parks and Recreation's 2nd annual Boo in the Run event at Buffalo Run Park.

The event created a safe and community-oriented opportunity for children in our community to enjoy the Halloween festivities a week before Halloween. The event brought together families, local businesses, and the Parks and Recreations department of Missouri City at the lovely Buffalo Run Park in Missouri City.

The Avalon Dental Team, which included my wife, passed out toothbrushes and reinforced the importance of good brushing to the kids in our community, especially after enjoying their Halloween candy. The kids and parents enjoyed the participation of the Avalon Tooth Fairies and of course our Fairies enjoyed the festivities, the parents' appreciation, and the opportunity to give back to our community.

A special thanks goes out to the Missouri City Parks and Recreations Department for their invitation, especially Jennifer Milam, and all the welcoming parents and kids of the community.

If your school or business would like a visit from the Avalon Dental Team to help with oral hygiene instruction or some Q&A with the Dentist, please feel free to contact us at 281-240-5559. Our whole team takes special enjoyment from meeting and making new friends in our community.

Dental Topics: Prevention Through Education
The field of dentistry has benefitted greatly from the advancements in materials and technologies to help promote good oral health. Yet as a dentist myself, I've seen that my profession has embraced these new technologies at the risk of spending less time promoting "prevention through education." The truth is the healthiest mouths are not the mouths of the wealthiest people, but rather the mouths of educated people. This blog is my effort to educate the public and promote good oral health.