I dedicated my practice in dentistry to uphold these principles and these principles, in turn, have guided me to provide the best possible dental care to my patients.

  • Promote good oral health
  • Prevent disease thru education
  • Relieve anxiety with patience and communication
  • Treat the patient with honesty and compassion
  • Provide the highest level of care
  • Stand behind the quality of our care
  • Treat every patient equally

Dental Topics: Prevention Through Education
The field of dentistry has benefitted greatly from the advancements in materials and technologies to help promote good oral health. Yet as a dentist myself, I've seen that my profession has embraced these new technologies at the risk of spending less time promoting "prevention through education." The truth is the healthiest mouths are not the mouths of the wealthiest people, but rather the mouths of educated people. This blog is my effort to educate the public and promote good oral health.